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What's My Story?

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

I decided not to do this .The job pulled me in.

The digital world is a very different place. One day is never 24 hours. The constant change of the agenda is one of the things that keep me alive. Because I never liked static things. I've always been a thrill seeker in life.

How did my digital journey begin?

Since my childhood, I have been very fond of research and writing. Besides, I have always insisted on defending my ideas. So how did I decide to be an adwoman?

It all started when I entered a competition for young advertisers in college. When I entered this competition when I was 18, I had no idea about advertising. After 2 months of workcamp, I reached the final. Then I started my internship at a digital advertising agency in Istanbul. And I got my first real-money job thanks to Linkedin. I started working as a content editor from home. But since this job didn't make me much money, I got a full-time job at a digital agency as a social media specialist. By the way, I was starting to make money from AdSense by writing something on my personal blog (

Since 2012, I have been managing social media accounts of major brands, especially in the field of FMCG. I have been in digital crises many times. Some nights I would beg "please, when I woke up, I begged not to see my brand on the Trend Topic list." on nights when I was sleepless, I gained a lot of experience in digital marketing and team management.

When creating social media accounts, the only thing on my mind is: Why should I follow this account? What's in it for me? Do I have time to see this sheet? If I can check all of them I can get to work.

Advertising agencies look super cool like in movies. Yes they certainly are. You can work in a super cool place and go home at 3 am. And sometimes this can make you feel like a looser. Offices with pools, playgrounds, happy hours, super-different friends…. You should see the agency on the deadline. My favorite phrase in advertising: things had to be done yesterday.

Nothing is impossimble. Just relax and lie down on couch.

After working in big cool offices for a long time, I made a big decision, resigned from my job and returned to the city where I was born. Although I have written the website content of different brands for many years and managed their advertisements, I opened my own website( during the quarantine.

And its return to me was magnificent. As homemade social media, I provide social media consultancy services to brands from my own home. My designer friends and clients are in different cities and countries. But what keeps us together is that ideas come out with the sincerity of the house. I compare my business model to a pastry shop. I don't sell anything I wouldn't eat myself. The fact that they are all sweet and tasty makes me extremely happy😍

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